Raku and Sawdust Fired Pieces

Raku pieces are biscuit-fired first then glazed and fired rapidly in a raku kiln then reduced in sawdust. The effects are quite random. For further typical examples of pendants see jewellery section. Sawdust-fired pieces are burnished (polished with a pebble) when the clay is at the leather-hard stage. Following a biscuit-firing the pieces are then sawdust-fired overnight in a temporary kiln, purpose built from old bricks to the size required for the batch of pieces. Some of the pieces are masked prior to the sawdust-firing to create interesting surface decoration. Prices from 15 ex delivery. Due to the random nature of these firings please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a piece and I will send you photos of pieces in stock - no 2 will ever be the same.